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Ok, um yeah. Its Cheryl. I am currently in the art room of cd high, and I had a conversation with Miss Abby four periods ago about starting this over. The True Revolutionist may be comming back from the grave. I have to talk to liz yet, but I am excited to be movtivated about something again. Since the past years I've done nothing but work in disgustingly greasy pizza shops for very low wage and very high tax, but I wont get into that.
Anyway. I must say that back in the eight grade, we were pretty bad ass for being 13 and 14 years old. But now that we are older and comming deathly close to the big 1-8 (yes, thats right EIGHTEEN. or being LEGAL) me and Abby thought that we would be better writers and 10x more informed. So yes. Ok, I should probably get back to my sketches. Watch out for our new issue, well probably as long as Lizabeth agrees. (And no, I dont have a clue what happened to the picture. It was outdated anyway.)

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